Trickerion: Dahlgaard's Gifts


זוהי הרחבה: בכדי לשחק בהרחבה זו, נדרש משחק הבסיס.

חברה: APE Games

מפתחים: Richard Amann,Viktor Peter

סוג המשחק: משחקי לוח

מספר שחקנים: 4 - 2

זמן משחק בדקות: 120

תיאור המוצר

In Trickerion the players take on the roles of rival stage illusionists, each with their own strengths and characteristics. They are striving for fortune and fame in a competition hosted by a legendary magician, looking for a successor worthy of the mighty Trickerion Stone, which is fabled to grant supernatural power to its owner. Dahlgaard's Gifts, an addon pack for the game, contains the following: Magician Powers Your Trickerion Shards gain a whole new gameplay significance with the Magician Powers variant: they will unlock Power Card slots that allow you to customize your Magician by learning diverse abilities to enhance your game. As there are 90 different Power cards available, it will open up a multitude of new strategies and adds even more replayability to the game. Duel of the Magicians A rule variant designed specifically for 2-player games. The Duel of the Magicians adds various turn setup cards that change the available spots turn by turn, making the 2-player game more tense and diverse. It also comes with special Performance cards with neutral Trick Markers on them, making Linking easier in two-player games. Additional game content On top of the two major game modules, Dahlgaard's Gifts also comes with: - 25 additional Trickerion Shards and a large acrylic Trickerion Stone turn marker - 8 additional Special Assignment cards (2 for each Location) - 4 Magician Meeples to replace the wooden cylinders on the Initiative Order track