Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Expansions


זוהי הרחבה: בכדי לשחק בהרחבה זו, נדרש משחק הבסיס.

חברה: Bézier Games

מפתחים: Ted Alspach

מכניקות משחק:

  • Auction: Dutch
  • End Game Bonuses
  • Hidden Victory Points
  • I Cut
  • You Choose
  • Pattern Building
  • Set Collection
  • Tile Placement
  • Turn Order: Progressive

מספר שחקנים: 5 - 1

גיל מינימלי: 15

תיאור המוצר

In Castles of Mad King Ludwig, you built the perfect castles subject to the whims of the King. But now he wants even more (he is mad, after all). Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Expansions contains several expansions that can be played separately or in any combination, as well as brand new bonus cards and favors. Castles of Mad King Ludwig Expansions includes every previously released expansion for Castles of Mad King Ludwig and a new one, all compatible with the 2nd edition. Renovations: Rework your castle with special double-room tiles that are placed directly on top of existing rooms. Towers: Special rooms that provide an additional end game reward. Moats: Surround your castle for extra VPs for each of your rooms. Swan Tokens: Collect sets of swan tokens that can be converted to money or end game VPs. Secret Passages: Double connection bonuses and fit rooms into hard to reach spaces. Royal Decrees: Gain a unique, asymmetric player power at the start of the game. New Favors & Bonus Cards: Increase the variety of end game goals. 5th Player: Add a 5th player to your game. —description from the publisher