Elvish Shimmering pink & White Dice Set


חברה: Q-workshop

סוג המשחק: ציוד נלווה

תיאור המוצר

Look at this beauty! Here is a dice set for true admirers of fairy-tale adventures! On the one hand, thanks to the sophisticated decorations of elven runes, it evokes the style of classic stories we remember fondly. On the other hand, white paintings on a beautiful background of pink mixed with glitter dust enrich your imagination in a fairy-tale way, allowing us to travel through worlds full of breathtaking phenomena. Perfect for adventures with a fairy-tale twist and for everyone who loves glitter and pink color!

As one of our first designs, Elvish Dice Set fully deserves its first glitter-themed release. Their original charm and elegant engravings are beautifully complemented by a new set of colors. They will be perfect for your collection and during your sessions!

Adorableness Spectrum — The set includes 7 items: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100.

Fairy-tale Realms — The background of the dice is shimmering-pink (mixed with glitter dust), and the paintings are white.

Elegance in Simplicity — The font of the digits is styled after elvish writing, with gentle wavy tails and accents.

Favorite toys — Besides delicate digits, there are runic inscriptions in the ancient language of the elves on the dice faces.

Permission from the High Council — The Elvish Cobalt Silver Dice Set is manufactured under a license granted to us by the High Council of Sorceresses and Wizards after more than a decade of application consideration.