D&D 5E: Book of Random Encounters


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One of the most exciting elements of any 5th edition tabletop roleplaying game is that the story can go anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, you, the game master, can't possibly prepare for every unpredictable request, unfortunate die roll or unbelievably bad player decision. That's where The Game Master's Book of Random Encounters comes in. Featuring more than 500 maps, roll tables and story hooks, The Game Master's Book of Random Encounters is chock full of taverns, tombs and tantalizing twists as well as useful NPCs and story variants you can use to enhance an ongoing campaign or launch an entirely new adventure—all with a few simple rolls of the dice.

Inside you'll find:
8 one-shot adventures suitable for all levels of play
A random NPC generator to create characters on the fly
d100 tables for curses, dreams, party connections and more