D&D 5E: Book of Random Tables


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More than 300 random tables designed to help you build a new world from scratch or take your existing RPG campaign to new levels of creativity and excitement, plus 3 exciting one-shot adventures!

While The Game Master's Book of Astonishing Random Tables is not a wondrous item, you'd be forgiven for assuming it has magical properties. That's because within these pages are countless adventure hooks - side quests and travel complications and chase sequences and skill challenges and other encounters suitable for any environment. And that's just one section.

These table results aren't just short line listings of random answers either. Inside, you'll find rich, fully examined results and supplemental pieces of text that provide you with all the information you need to use them effectively. With this book by your side, you can develop an entire campaign setting, its pantheon, its various continental forms and proclivities of its population. From the big questions ("Where does magic come from?," "Who's in charge?," "Why are we at war with our neighbors?") down to the most minute detail ("Can my party avoid paying property taxes on their new keep if it's actually an instant fortress?"), this book has you covered.

Develop a rich tapestry of trade and commerce by randomizing your realms economy or find out who's really pulling the strings by rolling on the Puppet Government table. Want more ideas? How about a table or curses or dreams or wild magic results or spell scroll side effects or a random potions generator or a list of things your party shouldn't tough (but probably will)? All those and much, much more are waiting within.

So relax, unwind and unleash the unknown. By letting this book spark your creativity and set the stage for each session, you can focus on the important things like how to properly destroy that instant fortress).