Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks – River, Amy, Clara & Rory


זוהי הרחבה: בכדי לשחק בהרחבה זו, נדרש משחק הבסיס.

חברה: Gale Force Nine, LLC

מפתחים: Andrew Haught

מכניקות משחק:

  • Cooperative Game
  • Dice Rolling
  • Modular Board

מספר שחקנים: 4 - 2

זמן משחק בדקות: 120

גיל מינימלי: 14

תיאור המוצר

"What matters is this, Doctor. Don't travel alone." —River Song Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks is a semi co-operative boardgame where, with this expansion, you can now add more ways for the Doctor's companions to help the Doctor. Although you must be wary — the Daleks have their puppets and spies everywhere, so you may not always like the Friend you draw. This Game Expansion adds 4 new Friend models, and the Friends deck to Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, along with the new Friends game mechanic.